Wells Fargo Bank

Tenant Improvement of the 3rd Floor Office Space for a division of Wells Fargo. Improvements included 9800 square feet of new office space within an existing and oeprating building owned and operated by Wells Fargo Bank.

Barry Swenson Builder Services Utilized on this project are as follows: Project Management, Project Scheduling, Contracting and Contract Management, General Carpentry, General Labor, and the Site Management required to provide the client with a full and complete project, on time, under budget, and with the highest level of quality possible.

The most challenging portion of this project was the modification of the existing building systems infrastructure between floors, and the coordination required to modify the design to conform to the existing building conditions, and designed intent for the space.
Another challenge was the full removal and improvement of the entire Third Floor, while not disrupting or inconveniencing any other floor or building operations, as the entire building from floors one through eight was occupied and operated daily by divisions of Wells Fargo.

The greatest success of the project was the fact that we completed the project on time, without any delays or approved added time, even though there were owner requested additions made to the scope, and numerous items out of the control of ownership or the design build team that could have delayed the project. This goal of providing occupancy to the Wells Fargo staff on time was imperative to the project success, and the Barry Swenson Builder team never once allowed for that goal to even remotely fail.

  • Client: Wells Fargo Bank
  • Architect: Gensler
  • General Contractor: Barry Swenson Builder
  • Address: 121 South Market Street, 3rd Floor, San Jose CA
  • Size: 9800 SF, office
  • Project Completion: October 2012
  • Project Cost: $827k